Water Shutoff

Most oil and gas wells produce reservoir water in conjunction with the production of hydrocarbons. Some wells produce more hydrocarbons at initial production and little to no water, while others have associated aquifers causing the production of water immediately.   After continuous production, reservoir conditions will change causing a wettability reversal that increases the likelihood of water production. This water production can cause severe problems as the well continues to produce.

PIC’s water shutoff technology utilizes intensified crosslinking in conjunction with a damage removal system. This allows for the prevention of water seeking acid to preferentially treat a water zone and instead allow for the removal of damage within hydrocarbon rich rock. This system is formulated allowing the removal of downhole damage, the change from water wet formation rock to oil wet thereby increasing the ease of oil production, and allowing for near wellbore oil saturation preventing the formation of a water block able to kill all oil production. 


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