Products for Commissioning, Maintenance & Decommissioning

The high level of diversity and frequently changing conditions in transport pipelines and flowlines makes their damage mechanisms equally as diverse. PIC offers chemistries that provide protection or remediation to the common problems found in industry. These chemical solutions include gels and pigs designed for spool protection during installation, dewatering prior to hydrocarbon introduction, and inhibitor treatments to prevent wax and scale deposits as well as corrosion to ensure the longevity of the installed pipeline. As the line ages more of a maintenance and remediation path is taken and PIC designs and provides gel and solvent packages to combat deposition of waxes and scale. Gels designed for deoiling and dewatering prior to pipe augmentation. Surveillance systems for mapping restrictions to efficiently batch treat deposits. Elastomer pigs and crosslinked gels designed for fishing operations and debris removal. And as the line has reached the end of its service we offer gels designed for debris removal and de-oiling to prepare the pipeline quickly and cost-effectively for plugging, flooding, and abandonment.


Spool Protection
Glycostat Gel

A MEG system that can be efficiently used for spool protection.
Glycostat Gel TDS


Restriction Mapping
Surveillance Pig

For the mapping of pipeline obstructions and deposits.
Surveillance Pig Case Study
PetroGel® TDS

Seawater Treatment for Flushing/Hydrotesting
Saf-C-H20® PL

A seawater treatment consisting of a blend of antifoulants to control corrosion risks within a pipeline.
Saf-C-H20® PL TDS


Fluid additives for tubular and pipe protection. Includes EPA registered biocides, corrosion inhibitors, and oxygen scavengers. 

Solid Shape Memory Pigs
Atlas Pig

Solid, elastic and deformable mechanical pig that has the ability to be propelled via gas. Can be reduced to 50% its diameter and still return to its original state. 
Atlas Pig TDS

Hyper Pig

Deformable shape memory pig that can withstand extreme temperature conditions and is formulated to be chemically inert allowing exposure to extreme chemical conditions.
Hyper Pig TDS

Crosslinked Gel Pigs

Hydrocarbon based gel pig that is used within surveillance mapping of obstructions and deposits.
PetroGel® TDS


Aqueous polymerically crosslinked gel for the enhancement of pigging operations.
SafeGel® TDS

Linear Gel Pigs

SafeGel based pig for when traditional pigs cannot be used.
AquaGel® TDS

Pipeline Gels

Gel used for the treatment and removal of blackpowder.
PyroGel TDS


Gel used for the treatment of mercury.

Organic Deposition
Solvent Package

Customized system to allow for the targeted removal of the specific organic deposits present.
Solvent Package System


Line of cold soak solvents that can remove organic and inorganic deposits.
ColdSolve™ TDS

ThermiSolv and ThermiSol Plus

Line of thermal fluids that allow for the safe heating and removal of downhole wax and asphaltene deposits.
Thermisolv TDS
Thermisol Plus TDS


Chemical system producing both heat and nitrogen for the removal of organic deposits. 

DynoWash™ and DynoWash™ Gel

High performance deoiling that can be used as a liquid or gel to best suit the pipeline conditions.
DynoWash™ TDS
DynoWash™ Gel TDS

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