Case Studies

GoM Shelf operator had a large inventory of wells that were no longer economically feasible with current low crude pricing. Also, high quality, conventional stimulation treatments had recently failed to maintain the production increase for more than a few days. More Details

Wells had quickly declined with significant increases in produced water. Offset wells have been acidized, resulting in additional produced water and little to no increase in oil. More Details

GoM operator lost 800 bbls of KCl during a gas lift repair. This resulted in a loss of 60% of the oil production. The client believed that the KCl was insufficiently inhibitive and caused clay swelling or fines migration. The PIC technical staff examined its mineralogy archive and conclude that the highest probability was the well had become water blocked with a 100% irreducible water saturation. More Details

As a result of paraffin deposition, a GoM operator experienced increased differential pressures in a bulk crude sales pipeline. Historical line maintenance followed normal production chemical treatment. Once pipeline differential pressures reached an alarming level, it was proven that conventional chemical treatment recommendations failed to protect the pipeline or mitigate the ongoing issue. In addition to increasing differential pipeline pressure, depositional shearing became a valid concern and threat to total pipeline plug off. More Details

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