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Treating over 10,000 wells in 72 countries

PIC offers targeted solutions to stimulate and revitalize production of both onshore and offshore oil and gas wells as well as plan and design effective treatments to remediate and restore pipeline flow performance. Our treatments have been effectively implemented across the globe and are not limited to the oil and gas field. Our novel treatment designs have been successfully implemented in industrial flowline and equipment cleaning, industrial disposal wells, and waste material processing/remediation.

Our technical team has successfully performed more than 10,000 stimulation treatments on marginal/underperforming wells, a majority of which were, on the "shelf" in the Gulf of Mexico. However, our experiences have been vast in both onshore and deepwater asset protection and remediation. These treatment designs are highlighted by low volumes of customized chemical solutions that target diagnostically determined damage. PIC's tailored systems are implemented throughout the life of a well; from drilling and completions all the way through its abandonment. These treatment designs are more economical and have repeatedly outperformed the wider market's conventionally provided solutions. PIC provides operator value by maximizing ultimate recovery from company assets. 

PIC works with our international partners on a multitude of pipeline projects from commissioning to decommissioning and every step in between to best create and develop ideal treatment plans and chemistries. Our novel technologies provide some of the only reliable solutions for classically unpiggable lines both on and off shore. We are always ready to tackle a new industrial application and routinely design bespoke chemistries to fit your specific needs. 

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