Novel solutions for flow assurance issues that can't be beat. Low cost designs maintain profitable transportation without the risk of pipeline obstruction. New technologies allow for the remediation of previously though of as unpiggable and unsalvageable lines. 


Designed for the prevention and early removal of damage sustained during the drilling and completion phases of well development. Custom blends available tailored for the specific mineralogy and completion methodology utilized. 

Novel solutions using new and evolving chemistries and technologies.

PIC currently maintains over 3000 products in its formulation library. These products cover the entire suite of chemical applications in the petroleum industry including Drilling, Completion, Production, Stimulation, EOR, Pipeline Transmission and Refineries. PIC utilizes organic, inorganic, and biological derived chemistries, as well as the exciting new world of soft nanosurfactants and nano particulates. We have developed a global network of contract blending partners to improve local content and reduce cost. By moving closer to our customers, we provide better availability and lower costs as much as 70%.

Data-driven solutions for the remediation of down-hole damage. Thorough analytics guiding the design process from briefing to deployment. Everything you need and nothing you don't.