Permeability Modification

High water production is a common occurrence in older wells as well as wells that are being fed to by an aquifer. This large production of water can cause severe damage to the well. It increases the risk for water formed scale and increases the migratory  behaviour of fines to cause plugging. These damage mechanism can be detrimental to the longevity of a well. PIC utilizes revolutionary technology to actively alter the relative permeability of the reservoir.

Wells can also be damaged during the drilling and completions process when left with excessive water saturations due to drilling fluid filtrate and high density brines. This increased water saturation or Water Block can drastically inhibit a wells productivity in the near-wellbore region. With targeted solvent, alcohol and surfactant systems, operators can remove the water block or condensate banking and restore initial permeability to oil and gas phases.

We are able to go in and chemically put in place a system to simultaneously reduce the relative permeability of the reservoir to water, while leaving the relative permeability to oil unchanged. This allows for an increase in oil cut and decrease in water production. This reduces the risks associated with increases water production. This can be used in conjunction with other treatments to remedy damage already present and increase the immediate and ultimate production of the well.


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