WellStim – Microbial Stimulation

Oil wells become depleted at some point during their life cycle. BioZonal™ WellStim contains species of microorganisms with self-contained nutrients that produce oil removing and encapsulating enzymes (biosurfactants) and carbon dioxide.  Biosurfactants are 1000% more efficient than synthetic surfactants at mobilizing what is usually non-recoverable oil.

The carbon dioxide dissolves into the lower carbon numbered hydrocarbons, which thins the complex deposit and increases mobility.  The enzymes further mobilize the complex larger hydrocarbon molecules  and create a lower viscosity, water external-micellar solution.  The enzymes also produce an anionic surfactant that penetrates the fully thinned deposit, disperses silica fines and restores the sandstone formation to an ideal water wet condition.

BioZonal™ WellStim is a low cost (80% less than conventional acid) stimulation/oil recovery system. While it utilizes thermophilic bacteria, it is still limited to wells below 185oF and 6% salinity.


BioZonal™ MEOR is a process where the enzymes in BioZonal™ WellStim are extracted for use in High temperature wells or most effective in water flooding. These enzymes are biosurfactants that are 1000% more effective than conventional synthetic surfactants used in most water floods.

The enzyme concept is not new. The use of live bacteria that can be cross-linked in-situ to divert the treatment to new oil containing rock is extraordinary and is currently being patented.

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