Our technical staff brings 4 decades of experience performing over 10,000 successful treatments in 72 countries.

PIC offers:

  • well stimulation
  • gel pigs
  • pipeline remediation

PIC scientists have developed advanced chemical applications for Well Stimulation, Flow Improvement, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Drilling, and Completions.

Regardless of the stage in the lifecycle of your well, PIC can perform a low-cost examination to determine its health. From the moment a well is perforated, the resultant pressure drop begins a process where oil becomes more viscous and tacky, wetting rock surfaces, increasing water production, and trapping fines that otherwise would have been easily producible. These physical and chemical characteristics can be economically analyzed to detect the early onslaught of damage. Performing preventive treatments are less expensive and more effective, which usually results in 20-40% higher recovery than waiting until the well begins to fall below its acceptable economic limit.


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Pic Chemicals Well Stimulation

PIC Chemicals Well Stimulation, gel pigs, pipeline remediation


March 17, 2018


PIC has completed the field trial for the much anticipated release of SoleAcid. SoleAcid is a new paradigm shift away from conventional sandstone acidizing systems. SoleAcid is a proven stimulation treatment that accesses hidden reserves and opens pathways that increases capacity and reduces the decline curve which can add years to the productive life of a well. PIC Chemicals Division has completed over 100 SoleAcid treatments on oil and gas wells, as well as, many varied applications as injection wells and thru tubing gravel packs in the U.S. GoM. Most importantly, SoleAcid achieved greater than a 95% economic success rate during its trial. Conventional sandstone acid treatments are no longer a viable option when applied to the current complex, heterogeneous reservoirs requiring treatment. Conventional sandstone acid chemistry is 45% more expensive  (inflation adjusted) and has a 75% shorter treatment life when used on today’s complex, lower permeable reservoirs, as compared to the higher quality Miocene reservoirs from the early 1980’s when it was first introduced. SoleAcid is now available for commercial use.


July 13, 2017


Joe Conine has joined the engineering staff at the PIC Science and Technology Center. He is a petroleum engineer with extensive project management experience, as well as, broad expertise in the area of water formed scale and N.O.R.M. Also, he will serve as PIC's Corporate Radiation Safety Officer.


June 13, 2017


We have strengthened our Brazil technical staff with the addition of Livia Woodcock.  She joins PIC after a career as a chemist and mud engineer working for Petrobras in the Pre-salt – Santos Basin.  In addition, Livia has worked in Brazil and the U.S. importing critical technology to and from both countries.  Her expertise in local Brazilian chemical and engineering applications will be of great benefit.


May 19, 2017


PIC announces a strategic alliance and technology transfer agreement with Innova Business Development and its Brazilian subsidiary.   This agreement will focus on providing PIC’s proprietary technology in optimizing production from mature oil fields.  Numerous independent operators, who have recently won onshore concessions, have expressed interest in PIC’s In situ CO­2 generation process, as well as, ReNu Acid and BioZonyl stimulation products.  In addition, Innova is working with Petrobras to bring PIC’s offshore pipeline decommissioning technology to Brazil, including DynoWash deoiling and Unstickable Liquid Gel Pig product line.