Increase initial production capacity in all wells. The SafGuard program prevents and/or removes inherent damage caused by drilling and completions without the harmful effects of conventional treatments.


Products designed to assist in the commissioning, maintenance, and decommissioning of pipelines for optimum performance with minimal risk and cost.



-Surveillance Pigs

-Elastomer Pigs

April 8 and 9, 2019

PIC will be hosting a booth at the SPE International Conference on Oilfield Chemistry Booth# 308.

We will be displaying our new technologies for downhole and pipeline remediation. Members of our technical staff will be present to discuss any specific conditions or problems that you may have and answer any questions about our technology.

April 9 and 10, 2019

PIC will be presenting its latest paper and the 2019 AADE National Technical Conference in Denver!

If you happen to be there, please come by and talk with our president Mr. Buck Houchin!

October 2019

PIC has partnered up with M&O to Provide Chemical Solution to Brazil!

We are excited to announce that PIC Chemicals has established a partnership with M&O Partners. M&O will be exclusively providing PIC products to the Brazilian offshore and onshore markets. This includes unique and novel chemical strategies for downhole remediation and flow assurance.

Solutions available for mineral scale to organic deposition. From commissioning to decommissioning. PIC provides something for every stage of a well’s/pipeline’s life.

M&O connects suppliers to a global network of buyers, through an efficient CRM driven platform. M&O facilitates the internationalization process, from planning to execution, to ensure that suppliers approach the international challenge optimally.

We are happy to have M&O represent us in this market and trust they will be a great resource for helping operators in Brazil solve all their chemical issues. 


PIC has completed the field trial for the much anticipated release of SoleAcid. SoleAcid is a new paradigm shift away from conventional sandstone acidizing systems. SoleAcid is a proven stimulation treatment that accesses hidden reserves and opens pathways that increases capacity and reduces the decline curve which can add years to the productive life of a well. PIC Chemicals Division has completed over 100 SoleAcid treatments on oil and gas wells, as well as, many varied applications as injection wells and thru tubing gravel packs in the U.S. GoM. Most importantly, SoleAcid achieved greater than a 95% economic success rate during its trial. Conventional sandstone acid treatments are no longer a viable option when applied to the current complex, heterogeneous reservoirs requiring treatment. Conventional sandstone acid chemistry is 45% more expensive  (inflation adjusted) and has a 75% shorter treatment life when used on today’s complex, lower permeable reservoirs, as compared to the higher quality Miocene reservoirs from the early 1980’s when it was first introduced. SoleAcid is now available for commercial use.

February 2020

 SPE International Conference and Exhibition on Formation Damage Control

We are excited to announce that PIC Chemicals will be present at the 2/19/2020 SPE International Conference and Exhibition on Formation Damage Control.

​Come by and see us in Lafayette , Louisiana. We have a booth and are sponsoring an event.

CEO/President Buck Houchin will be one of the chairs over the Acidizing II session. 

We'd love to talk to you about any challenges you're experiencing and how we can help!

​July 13, 2017


Joe Conine has joined the engineering staff at the PIC Science and Technology Center. He is a petroleum engineer with extensive project management experience, as well as, broad expertise in the area of water formed scale and N.O.R.M. Also, he will serve as PIC's Corporate Radiation Safety Officer.

​​November 26, 2018

New Solution for Deepwater Asphaltene Removal!

The NoPhalt System is a newly developed method combining several chemistries and diversion options to efficiently and effectively remove asphaltenic damage.

December 7, 2018

Paradigm Flow Services, PIC Chemicals and River Rental Tools unite to form strategic Pipeline Remediation Alliance

Houston Paradigm Flow Services, PIC Chemicals and River Rental Tools today announced the formation of a strategic alliance that will provide technologically advanced production enhancement solutions to shallow water Gulf of Mexico oil and gas customers.

The alliance amplifies the companies’ core service offerings to deliver sustainable solutions to the paraffin wax problem that has plagued the shallow water Gulf of Mexico’s pipeline infrastructure for decades.

“Our combined capabilities are key to unlocking new value for the Gulf of Mexico’s shallow water operators.” said Kevin Keogh, VP of Commercial for Paradigm Flow Services. “Paradigm’s advanced pipeline cleaning technologies enable more cost-effective and sustainable maintenance and integrity management programs to be implemented across the Shelf.”  

Buck Houchin, President and CEO of PIC Chemicals added, “By combining our pipeline technologies we’re offering a more powerful toolbox in the operators' flow assurance arsenal. Paradigm Group scientists pioneered the neutrally buoyant composite Flexi-Coil™ technology that provides solutions for what had previously been considered unreachable pipeline and riser restrictions. PIC brings unique technologies in pipeline remediation like PetroGel® Surveillance Pigs for pipeline topographical mapping and locating restrictions and the BioZonal™ Wax Digestion process for cold subsea pipelines.

The PIC Chemicals & Paradigm Flow Services partnership will bring many low-risk high-return solutions to pipeline commissioning, decommissioning and flow assurance challenges.


September 4, 2018

​PIC & Sanccus Expand Global Reach!​​

​Buck Houchin, President and CEO of PIC Chemicals and Martin Ridge President/Founder of SANCCUS Limited, UK announce a Partnering Agreement to combine the companies’ pipeline technologies in order to offer a more powerful toolbox in the operators' flow assurance arsenal.

SANCCUS scientists pioneered the pipeline gel pig technology that provides solutions for what had previously been considered UNPIGGABLE lines. PIC brings unique technologies in pipeline remediation like PetroGel® Surveillance Pigs for pipeline topographical mapping and locating restrictions and the BioZonyl Wax Digestion process for cold subsea pipelines. 

The PIC/SANCCUS Partnership will bring many low risk high return solutions to your pipeline commissioning, decommissioning and flow assurance challenges.

​​March 17, 2018

May 19, 2017


PIC announces a strategic alliance and technology transfer agreement with Innova Business Development and its Brazilian subsidiary.   This agreement will focus on providing PIC’s proprietary technology in optimizing production from mature oil fields.  Numerous independent operators, who have recently won onshore concessions, have expressed interest in PIC’s In situ CO­2 generation process, as well as, ReNu Acid and BioZonyl stimulation products.  In addition, Innova is working with Petrobras to bring PIC’s offshore pipeline decommissioning technology to Brazil, including DynoWash deoiling and Unstickable Liquid Gel Pig product line.    

​July 13, 2017


We have strengthened our Brazil technical staff with the addition of Livia Woodcock.  She joins PIC after a career as a chemist and mud engineer working for Petrobras in the Pre-salt – Santos Basin.  In addition, Livia has worked in Brazil and the U.S. importing critical technology to and from both countries.  Her expertise in local Brazilian chemical and engineering applications will be of great benefit.

The utilization of proprietary analytics for early detection and prevention of the case specific damage mechanisms present downhole, and their remediation with low risk, low-cost, data driven solutions.