PIC Technical Services - Subject Matter Experts SMEs

As the oil and gas industry moved toward dependency on the “Big Box” integrated service companies, one unintended consequence has been selective technical support. Naturally, the Big Box companies have preferentially built their technical service capabilities around the products and services they offer. This can significantly eliminate the solutions that are considered.  Even the super major oil companies have reduced their technology staff and capabilities to marginal levels. The independent oil companies’ business models are based on operating at much lower costs than the majors. They plug in Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to fill the technical gaps when needed.  However, most of these SMEs are just as reliant on the Big Box companies. This means they can only serve as a third party watch dog or in an advisory capacity. PIC provides SMEs in drilling and completion fluids, sand control, fracturing, acidizing and flow assurance. PIC provides the most advanced evaluation of produced fluids, deposits and reservoir mineralogy available. This includes the entire fields of chemistry, mineralogy and microbiology which enables the determination of everything from asphaltene onset pressure to bacterial DNA and speciation.