SoleAcid®- Kinetically controlled HF based system for the safe and selective removal of siliceous material.
SoleAcid® Brochure

NoPhalt™- Asphaltene removal system designed for increased efficiency and full coverage.

              NoPhalt™ Brochure

              NoPhalt™ TDS

Organic Acid- For the removal of water formed scale with very little risk of damage.
Conventional Acid System- Acetic System, Enhanced Acetic w/ HCl

HCl Acid- For the removal of water formed scale, even harden scale.
Conventional Acid System- HCl System

HCl:HF Acid- For the removal of siliceous material and scale.
Conventional Acid System- HCl:HF System

Solvent Package- Customized system to allow for the targeted removal of the specific organic deposits present.
Solvent Package System

BioZonal™ WellStim-In Situ CO2 generating microbial treatment which also produces a biosurfactant enzymes that further increase oil mobility.
BioZonal™ WellStim

DeScale™ Product Line

             Scale dissolvers to effectively remove carbonate and sulfate scales including hazardous and resilient NORM scale

             Scale inhibitors to use with a custom designed scale inhibitor squeeze system to prevent the development of scales  

Scale Inhibitor Squeezes- An extending life squeeze that simultaneously removes damage and increases production.
Scale Inhibitor Squeeze

 Water Shutoff- Allowing for the alteration of reservoir water conditions while removing damage, and optimizing wettability and oil saturation.
Water Shutoff

 Permeability Modification- Products decreasing the relative permeability of water while leaving the permeability of oil free to flow.            

            Permeability Modification

Production Optimization