Our engineers also have over 25 years of experience in cleaning, hydrotesting, and general pipeline remediation. With the capability to both design and implement treatments, our engineers utilize PIC's complete array of liquid gel pigs and specialized solvent packages to efficiently locate and remove pipeline obstructions. These innovative products also enable effective designs to dewater pipelines after hydrotesting. The goal of the design team is to utilize the high efficiency of the treating chemicals minimizing overall treatment volumes.


Pipeline Remediation

Liquid Gel Pigs (LGP)

  • AlcoGel – Alcohol based MEG, PEG, Ethanol, IPA and Methanol LGPs
  • AquaGel – Linear and Viscoelastic water based Polymeric LPGs
  • PetroGel – Hydrocarbon based diesel, xylene, kerosene, citrus oil and biosolvent LPGs
  • SafeGel – Water and oil based crosslinked polymer LPGs

Paraffin and Asphaltene Removers

  • HotN2 - Inline Nitrogen and Heat generation process
  • ColdSolve – Cold solvent soak systems
  • Thermal Fluids – High flash point systems for use in thermal units
  • Solvent Plus Fluids – Custom formulated paraffin and asphaltene solvents, dispersants and inhibitors
  • NanoFlo – Nano particles penetrants to break up impermeable deposits to enable dissolution.

DynoWash Green Deoiling System

Flow Improvers

  • Drag reducers
  • Friction reducers
  • Biosurfactants
  • Pour point depression

Corrosion and Scale Control

  • Corrosion Inhibitors, suspension and abandonment chemicals
  • Biocides and biofilm removers
  • Black Powder encapsulation/removal systems
  • Scale Removers

Hydrate Remediation Systems