Surveillance Pig- For the mapping of pipeline obstructions and deposits.
Surveillance Pig Case Study
PetroGel® TDS

Shape Memory Pigs- Deformable Pig that allows for pigging of lines that cannot be mechanically pigged while also having the ability to be propelled via gas. Can be reduced to 50% its diameter and still return to its original state.
M-Gel Pig TDS

BioZonal™- Wax removal at temperatures below which chemical and mechanical means have little effect.
Biozonal™ Featured Page

Saf-C-H20® PL- A seawater treatment consisting of a blend of antifoulants to control corrosion risks within a pipeline.

            Saf-C-H20® PL TDS

DynoWash™ and DynoWash™ Gel- High performance deoiling that can be used as a liquid or gel to best suit the pipeline conditions.
DynoWash™ TDS
DynoWash™ Gel TDS

Solvent Package- Customized system to allow for the targeted removal of the specific organic deposits present.
Solvent Package System page

Monogel Pig- Deformable pigs that can be used when a mechanical pig can’t with a focus in lower temperature conditions.
Monogel Pig TDS

HyperGel Pig- Deformable shape memory pig that can withstand extreme temperature conditions and is formulated to be chemically inert allowing exposure to extreme chemical conditions.

            HyperGel Pig TDS

ColdSolve™- Line of cold soak solvents that can remove organic and inorganic deposits.
ColdSolve™ TDS

ThermiSolv™ and ThermiSol™ Plus- Line of thermal fluids that allow for the safe heating and removal of downhole wax and asphaltene deposits.
Thermisolv™ TDS
Thermisol™ Plus TDS

Glycostat Gel- A MEG system that can be efficiently used for spool protection.
Glycostat Gel TDS

PetroGel®- Hydrocarbon based gel pig that is used within surveillance mapping of obstructions and deposits.
PetroGel® TDS

SafeGel®- Aqueous polymerically crosslinked gel for the enhancement of pigging operations.
SafeGel® TDS

Aquagel®- SafeGel based pig for when traditional pigs cannot be used.
AquaGel® TDS

PyroGel- Gel used for the treatment and removal of blackpowder.
Pyrogel TDS

H-Gel- Gel used for the treatment of mercury

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