PIC Field Chemists

Effective job implementation is an important part of a successful treatment scenario. PIC supplies field specialists with the necessary backgrounds in the chemistry of the treatment fluids, as well as the ability to supervise the mixing of fluids, organize onsite personnel, and carry out the operation according to the job design. This is critical when client personnel are unfamiliar with the use of the unique, customized solution developed by the PIC Technology Group. 

Because the composition of treatment fluids is essential to the success of the overall job, PIC consultants have designed onsite mixing protocols to ensure the correct amounts of chemical additives are pumped. In addition to these onsite quality control requirements, our consultants are often asked to evaluate previous treatment histories and recommend changes. In many cases, overtreatment is the root cause of an ineffective strategy, while in other situations, the use of surfactants, inhibitors, even solvents are not appropriate for the task of solving the problem.