Biotechnology has changed the entire landscape for EOR applications. We no longer depend on expensive synthetic surfactants or diffusional polymers. Instead, we produce biosurfactants that are ten times more effective at lowering interfacial tension, optimizing wettability, improving mobility, and much more economical. PIC manufactures microbes, biosurfactants, enzymes, biosolvents and biofilm diffusion polymerization. These products simultaneously generate voluminous amounts of in situ CO2, enzymatic biosurfactants, organic acids, and polymeric diffusion. The CO2 energizes the reservoir, reduces the viscosity, and swells the oil to improve relative permeability. This improves the recovery of oil from any reservoir, but more importantly, it converts previously bypassed oil reservoirs to sufficient mobility ratios for production. Once all the recoverable oil has been removed through the higher permeable flow channels, the thin biofilm can be polymerized to diffuse water/CO2 to untreated rock.  This process increases the ultimate tertiary recovery by as much as 30%.

PIC EOR Enhanced Oil Recovery

EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery)


  • BioZonyl Insitu CO2 Generation
  • BioZonyl Microbial Stimulation
  • BioZonyl Biosurfactants and Enzymes
  • BioZonyl Biosolvents
  • BioZonyl Polymerization Systems
  • EnZone Water Control
  • EnZone Process
  • HotN2 Process


  • Profile Modifier
  • Iron Sulfide Removers
  • Biomass Dissolvers
  • Scale Removers
  • Water Shut Off