PIC Drilling Fluid Systems



  • Synthetic Drilling Fluids
  • Synthetic Fluid Additives
  • Biozonal Spotting Fluid
  • Water Based Systems
  • Shale Control Additives
  • Lubricants
  • Foamed Drilling Fluids
  • Cementing Additives
  • Fluid Loss Control

PIC provides Drilling Fluid Systems to independent mud companies and international clients when advanced or environmental safe fluid systems are required and not part of their core product lines.  Our drilling/completion fluid staff can formulate conventional water and oil base fluids, synthetic and environmentally-safe fluids, as well as a broad array of drill-In fluids.  

The PIC technology group has focused on improving the performance on Deepwater injection wells. Over 60% of Deepwater developments require water injection to maintain reservoir energy. It is estimated that 80% to 90% of those Deepwater injection wells are significantly impaired during the drilling and completion cycles. The PIC strategy is to prevent or minimize the initial damage and use the Buffered LoSlo remediation chemicals to maintain long term injectivity.