Bury your Unprofitable Pipe with the Least Cost

When pipeline reach end of service life a decommissioning process is required. Regulatory requirements can differ drastically depending on jurisdiction. There is typically variability in the method and verification of hydrocarbon removal, hydrotesting, and chemical compositions of suspension fluids. Most generally though a series of deoiling, dewatering, and debris removal gels supported by elastomer pigs can prepare the pipeline surfaces for flushing. A gelled inhibitor treatment can then be ran preparing the pipeline for flooding, plugging if determined necessary, and abandonment. Or in the event that an abandoned or out-of-service pipeline is being reintroduced into a pipeline system, these same steps can be taken preparing the pipeline for commissioning and ultimately the introduction of its transported fluid.         

DynoWash™ Gel
Corrosion Inhibitor
Saf-C-H2O® PL