• SafeGel
  • TemPlug
  • DynoWash
  • NoDope
  • SafeCal Scale Preventer
  • BrinFlo Fluid Recovery
  • ZincBlock


  • Displacement Chemicals
  • Packer Fluids / Biocides
  • High Temperature Brines
  • Packer Fluids
  • Oxygen Scavenger
  • H2S Scavenger
  • Scale Inhibitor
  • Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Nonemulsifiers
  • Fluid Loss Control
  • Pipe on Pipe Lubricants
  • Friction Reducers
  • Polymeric Gellants
  • Defoamers

The PIC Completion Technology Group focuses on many complex challenges facing the industry. As we have moved further into Deepwater, we encounter higher temperatures, lower permeability, higher pressures, and greater formation damage risks. Once formed, this formation damage in never completely removable. However, all of these completion induced damage mechanisms can be prevented or significantly minimized.

The need for utilizing higher ionic strength, alkaline brines will always result in the precipitation of calcium salts. SafeCal provides a buffered system that locks the pH below the point that calcium salts can form, but above the level that would cause corrosion. In addition, much of the lower permeable portions of the productive interval become water blocked with a 100% irreducible brine saturation from completion fluids. BrinFlo lowers the surface tension of completion brines to below 30 dynes/cm3 and interfacial tension to near zero. BrinFlo significantly reduces water blocking of flow paths that would otherwise limit recoverability. 

The greatest long term consequence of using zinc bromide on these geopressured completions, is that small amounts of zinc slugs periodically hit the production facility and bring normal operations to a stop. While zinc bromide brines will continue to be a necessity, the causal factor is the losses to the reserves during the completion cycle. This is virtually prevented by using PIC’s ZincBlock. ZincBlock is a gelled zinc bromide system that temporarily plugs sand control screens preventing fluid loss. This system is engineered to degrade over the desired timeframe based on adjustments to bottomhole temperatures. ZincBlock not only minimizes the cost of these expensive fluid losses, but lowers the cost of reclamation as well.

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